World Trade Center, Twin Towers, September 11, 2001, terrorists

Whiplashe Tribute song "Join our Hands" is dedicated to ALL who helped and prayed in the World Trade Center disaster September 11, 2001 by terrorists.

Inspiration for the song came from "light Angels" Firefighters that rescued victims and led them to the "light"....the Jewish man who stayed by the side of his crippled friend trapped in his wheel chair..they died together...there is no more than 1 human can do for another is to stay when you could have left...amazing stories will be revealed over the next few years..and all I can say is "thank you " to all the angels and heroes!

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The Twin Towers represented "Dreams and Hope" of all Americans in and out of the Financial Community.

The World Trade Center, also known as the Twin Towers was attacked and destroyed on September 11, 2001 by terrorists.

Whip, lead singer and rhythmm guitarist of Whiplashe used to record play with Richie Havens, who is Whip's greatest inspiration.

Peace to all!

whip 2001

New York, September, 11th, 2001

"Join our Hands"
The Tribute Memorial Song Dedicated to all who
cared and helped through America's Tragedy at
the World Trade Center, Twin Towers. 9-11-2001

"Join Our Hands"
copyright 2001 suede music

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Lyrics for "Join Our Hands"

Join Our Hands

Join Our Hands Together-Song

(copyright suede music 2001)


hold your hands together

hold our heads up high

we have to carry on a

as we look up to the sky

empty lives forever

broken dreams of steel

JOIN our hands together

stretch across the nation

so wide

ch 1

so let's join our hands together

and follow the light

and we remember the heroes

who led us to the light


we join our hands together\

Hundred ten stories high

so many stories, countless heroes

the light angels fly

Wrap our arms around each other

like never before

hold on to life so precious

now more then ever before


and we join our hands together

black and white

and we pray for the heroes

that worked all thru the night

and we join our hands together

follow the light

and we comfort the families

that need us so tonight


Friends stay by friend’s side

holding hands and cried

only god knows how to heal

the pain that's trapped deep inside

got to bind together

treat each other kind forever

not just for a week or two.

But do it for the rest of mankind


and we join our hands together

black and white

we have to remember the heroes

that passed unto the light

so let's join our hands together

follow the light

and we      pray for the leaders

that lead us thru this fight

so let’s join our hearts together

and follow the light

thank all the strangers

who cared all thru the night

09/29/2001 9:48:30 PM



Line up for "Join Our Hands"
Guitar: Greg "doc' Livingston
Drums : Robert Steven Gatsik
Background vocals: Nicky Armstrong
Organ: Rob Pollack
Rythym Guitar, Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Strings: Whip

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(c) Copyright 2001