Electric Guitar

Greg Livingston

               06/2001---Present  Whiplashe!
               Reunites with friend Bob Suede

                 Inspired by Bob's tireless creative drive,

Greg latches onto The Whiplashe Merry-go-round.
Purely out of enjoyment and adventure. Bob is a genuine friend and a
wonderful artist that constantly challenges the musicianship of the fortunate
Whiplashe riders. Greg is proud to be one of the elements.

9/1994---3/2000 The Lynn Livingston Band

                Backed the phenomenal Lynn Livingston ( no relation ) with
country/rock  pickin and melodic pop solos on her numerous showcases
throughout the metro NY scene. The band was hot but management/producer greed
poisoned her dream and Greg bailed out when recording contracts didn't jive. 

1/1990---Present   The Fabulous Earth Grinders

               The old high school chums. These guys can play. 60's
psychedelic, 70's progressive, 80's (whatever that is), 90's grunge, you name
it, they'll give it hell. Greg has played 100's of bar gigs with these fine
gentleman. Too much fun.

Jane Fonda Workout Vide-1989

6/1982---4/1983  The Crystal Ship

                Greg's pro debut. A kickin Doors show. This act was well
known up and down the east coast. A huge start for Greg. Big time touring and
all the goodies that come along with that. Greg escaped with his life and
called it a damn day.

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